Auto Repair in Kingsville, TX 

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Auto Repair Kingsville, TX

At Pueblo Tires & Service in Kingsville, TX, we used to see cars come through our shop that were ready for the salvage yard with only 120,000 miles on the odometer. Today, we regularly see cars and trucks that have well over 200,000 miles on them, and many more good miles left to go.
That tells us two things…that cars are being made better and last longer, and that drivers are hanging onto them longer.

No vehicle will last that long, however, without the right auto repair and preventive maintenance work. At Pueblo Tires & Service, that’s what we’ve been doing for drivers in the Valley since way back in 1972. We’ve seen automotive technology and engineering change a lot since the early 70s, but one thing hasn’t changed – Pueblo Tires & Service’s commitment to top quality auto repair and customer service. That includes things like:
  • Oil changes to keep your engine free of contaminants and sludge
  • A/C service, since nobody likes riding in a stuffy car in South Texas
  • Brake repair…your safety is more important than anything else
  • Engine diagnostics, using the sophisticated computer engine control systems in your vehicle to get to the bottom of problems
  • Lift kits, to give your truck or SUV a little more ground clearance for bigger tires or off-road use
  • Wheel alignments, to keep your vehicle driving like new and head off premature tire wear due to poor alignment
At Pueblo Tires & Service in Kingsville, TX, we love our customers and we love working on vehicles. We’re certified and experienced to work on just about anything that has wheels and rolls, and we take pride in making sure that every job we do is done right the first time. It’s part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, and it’s the way we do business here. No matter whether you’re driving a sedan, minivan, light truck, SUV or crossover, make an appointment with us at Pueblo Tires & Service in Kingsville, TX – whether it’s routine preventive maintenance you need or major auto repair, we’ve got you covered!