April is National Car Care Month!

April 1st, 2016

You may not know it, but the Car Care Council has declared April as Car Care Month. They set aside October and April to heighten awareness of car maintenance, with National Car Care Monththe winter or hot weather coming along right after those months. Here are some things to be aware of…

·         Wipers: Even good-quality windshield wipers are only good for about a year before they start to wear out from normal use and the sun’s UV rays. If your wiper blades are starting to look cracked, chipped or are losing strips of rubber, go ahead and replace them.

·         Tires: How are your tires looking after the winter? Even if you’ve got plenty of tread left, they should be rotated at intervals of 5-6,000 miles for even wear. Be sure to check your tires for proper inflation, too – underinflated tires mean poorer fuel economy and quicker wear.

·         Oil change: Your oil should be changed at about a 5,000 mile interval for conventional oil, and 10-12,000 miles for synthetic. Regular oil changes head off the buildup of carbon and sludge in the engine and prolong engine life. If your car’s up on a rack for a tire rotation, why not go ahead and schedule an oil change too?

·         A/C service: You know it’s going to get hot in South Texas, so April is a great time to have your A/C system recharged and give it a good health checkup. At Pueblo Tires & Service, we use a refrigerant that contains oil to lubricate the compressor, and a dye that will quickly indicate any leaks in the system.

You rely on your vehicle year-round, but April is a great time to get basic auto maintenance out of the way before another hot South Texas summer sets in. Make an appointment with us at Pueblo Tires & Service and let us get your car taken care of! 

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