Checking Your Windshield Wipers

March 11th, 2017

The basic design of windshield wipers hasn’t really changed for a very long time. It’s still a rubber squeegee blade that’s mounted to a steel spine and held against the Windshield Wipers in Laredo TX windshield with spring tension to move in an arc and wipe water from the glass.

The rubber material may have changed and improved over the years, with silicone compounds and other innovations, but even the best windshield wipers are only good for a year or two before the sun’s UV rays and normal wear take their toll.

--Pull the wiper blades away from the windshield and take a close look. Are they dried out and cracked? Do you see chips of rubber gone from the edge of the wiper blades, or are long strips of rubber starting to peel away? That’s a sure sign that those wipers are just about finished.

--Most vehicles have a simple hook at the end of the wiper arm that allows the wiper blade spine to click into place (although some may also involve a pushbutton). Push the wiper blades away from the hook and they should detach easily (some vehicles allow you to extend the wiper arms at a right angle to make this a little easier).

--Measure the wiper blades carefully before replacing them, and remember that some vehicles have different length blades for the passenger side and driver side.

--The new wiper blades should click into place securely. Give them a wiggle to make sure they’re locked in tight, then test them with the car’s windshield washers.

Do you not feel real confident about doing this? No worries, some people can find it tricky. Make an appointment with us at Pueblo Tires & Service; we carry a wide range of top-quality wiper blades for all kinds of vehicles. One thing’s for sure…you don’t want to wait until the rain’s pouring down to get this taken care of. Your visibility is a crucial safety factor for your vehicle, and if you’re noticing streaks or smudges when you run the wipers, it’s definitely time to replace ‘em! 

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