Get Your Car Ready For Spring Break!

April 6th, 2017

College students, don't let your vehicle go too long without a proper tune-up! We know with finals and spring break coming up, automotive preventative maintenance might be the last thing you are concerned with. Meanwhile, a quick tune-up could keep you from having a break down on your way to finals or your spring break destination. Here is a list of top priority items to check. Automotive Tune-up in South Texas

Tires: It’s too easy to take tires for granted. Have a good look at all four tires and inspect them for wear and inflation level. Take a penny and insert it into the treads, Lincoln’s head down. Can you see the top of Lincoln’s head? Then the tires are at 2/32” depth and need to be replaced. Try again with a quarter – if the tread reaches the top of Washington’s head, the tread is at 4/32” depth. One more time with the penny…can you see the Lincoln Memorial? Then the tires are at 6/32” depth and are good to go for quite a while longer. Remember to have them rotated as well, for even wear. Tires should be rotated at a 5,000-mile interval, which brings us to our next point…

Oil change: Conventional oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, which is why it makes sense to have the tire rotation and oil done at the same time (since the vehicle’s already on a rack). Pull the dipstick and have a look. Is the oil translucent and honey-colored, a little darker or the color of black coffee?

Wheel alignment: A vehicle that pulls to one side persistently is more than just an annoyance; it’s wearing your tires unevenly due to one tire being out of spec and being dragged along by the rest. That excess drag also means added rolling resistance and poor fuel economy.

Wipers: Again, it’s easy to take windshield wipers for granted until it starts raining hard! This is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Is your car ready for spring break? Make an appointment with us at Pueblo Tire & Service in Kingsville, TX and let us help you make sure your vehicle is ready for the next semester. Check out our latest promotions and schedule your service today!

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