October is Car Safety Month

June 29th, 2016
auto Repair brownsville, tx You might not know that October is Car Safety Month…so we thought we’d cover some auto repair and maintenance items and maybe touch on safe driving habits while we’re at it. At Pueblo Tires & Service, we want to make sure you stay safe!
  • Tires: Your safety is literally riding on your tires! Have you had a good look at them lately? Check for proper inflation, cracking or irregularities on the sidewall, uneven tread wear or low tread depth. Here’s an easy way to check your tread depth…take a penny and insert it into the tread grooves, Lincoln’s head down. If the tread doesn’t touch Abe’s head, your tread depth is below 2/32” and your tires need to be replaced right away. Now, insert a quarter into the tread, Washington’s head down. Does the tread touch George’s head? Your tires are at 4/32”. Then, try the penny again. If the tread reaches the bottom of the Lincoln Memorial, your tires’ tread are at 6/32”.
  • Oil Changes: While this auto repair item isn’t strictly tied in to car safety, it’s still something you need to stay on top of. Conventional oil should be changed at 5,000 miles, while synthetic oil can be changed at 7,500-10,000 mile intervals. While your car’s up on a rack for an oil change, why not let us rotate the tires to ensure even wear? 
  • Wheel Alignment: Poor wheel alignment means that one front wheel constantly tries to pull or lead your vehicle to one side, which compromises handling, uses more fuel and scrubs the tread off of that tire unevenly. This is a crucial auto repair item that will save you money in terms of enhanced fuel economy and tire life.
  • Battery: There are few things more aggravating than sliding behind the wheel, turning the key and hearing the engine turn over too slowly to start, or hearing the sad “click-click” that means a totally depleted battery. It’s a simple auto repair task to check the battery posts and cables for a buildup of corrosion that can prevent the battery from charging…and it’s one that will save you a lot of headaches!
  • Lights and Wipers: These are auto repair details that are too often overlooked. Even the best wipers are usually only good for about a year or so, as wear and UV rays from the sun take their toll on them. Do all of your lights work, including the brake lights and all four turn signals? Are the plastic lenses for your headlights foggy and oxidized, impairing their ability to light the road ahead?
  • Transmission Maintenance: Like your engine, your transmission depends on clean fluid to cool and lubricate internal assemblies. Transmission fluid should be changed at 30-40,000 mile intervals (check owner’s manual). The alternative? An expensive auto repair!
  • Brakes: Here’s another absolutely critical auto repair item that you do not want to put off. Are you noticing excessive brake pedal travel, or “spongy” brakes? Grinding noises, vibration or pulsing while braking, or a pull to one side when you apply brakes? Avoid an expensive brake job and address this auto repair early! 
Is your car ready for the coming months? Make an appointment with Pueblo Tires & Service and let us take care of your auto repair, tires and maintenance needs!
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