Traveling With Your Dog

February 11th, 2017

Dogs really are our best friends, and their social nature means they want to go everywhere and do everything with us, including going wherever we’re going in our Seatbelts in Laredo TX vehicles. With spring and summer road trips coming up,  here are some tips to make it a little easier, safer and more fun for everyone involved when traveling with a dog. 

--Be prepared. Whether you’re going across town or on a several-hour trip, it’s important to think of everything your dog might need. That includes a toy, treats, his collar and ID tags (with your current phone number and address) and some doggie bags for when he has to answer nature’s call. If you’re on a longer trip, make time for roadside breaks and remember that puppies can’t exactly “hold it” for very long. Dogs get bored in the car and they need a little stimulation in the form of exploring and checking out a new place when it’s time for a break.

--Keep him safe. That means keeping him in the backseat as much as possible and don’t let him interfere with your driving. There are several seatbelt systems available for dogs of various sizes, and it’s highly recommended that a dog be belted in, just in case something happens. As much as dogs love to hang their heads out the window, try to keep that to a minimum. The wind and grit can be really bad for eyes and noses.

--Kennel him. It might not sound like very much fun, but if your dog is comfortable in a kennel at home, he’s likely to be more comfortable in a kennel in your vehicle (especially if you’re in a wagon, minivan or SUV). It helps the dog stay calm and not get too excitable, and chances are once he gets bored he’s just going to take a nap in that crate anyway.

Wherever you’re going this spring and summer, dog or no dog, make an appointment with us at Pueblo Tires and Service and let us make sure your vehicle’s road-ready. And wherever you’re going and whatever you have planned…have fun! 

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