Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

June 29th, 2016

Auto Repair in Mission, TX

You probably heard it from your dad first…”get your car in for an oil change!” In Mission, TX, oil changes are a big part of our business at Pueblo Tires & Service. But why are they so important?

There are two things to remember for an oil change in Mission, TX...one is that an internal combustion engine runs on thousands and thousands of little explosions, and the other is that an engine is full of metal parts that spin around and move back and forth or up and down, rubbing against each other constantly.

The explosions that take place in the cylinders and provide power also generate a great deal of carbon and acids, which make their way into the motor oil and contaminate it. The moving parts, on the other hand, rely on motor oil to keep them lubricated, reducing wear and friction and dissipating the heat that they generate. Over time, the carbon, soot and impurities that motor oil picks up inside the engine will reduce its effectiveness in lubrication, accelerating wear on crucial engine parts. What’s worse is when you wait too long for an oil change in Mission, TX, those contaminants will start to accumulate on assemblies like the bearings and can even clog the pickup screen for the oil pump, stopping oil from circulating altogether. Motor oil circulates through the engine’s oil filter, where particles are trapped by the paper element of the filter, but in time the filter will lose its effectiveness, leaving contaminants to build up and form sludgy deposits. Obviously, you’ll want to get an oil change in Mission, TX before things get to that point! 

Over the decades, the formulations of motor oils have improved greatly, with detergents and other additives that improve its performance and life. At one point, motor oils needed to be changed every 1,000 miles...then every 3,000 miles...and today, it’s not a problem to go 5,000 miles between oil changes in Mission, TX with conventional mineral-based oil. Newer full-synthetic motor oils (developed in a lab, rather than pumped from the ground) are designed for intervals of 10,000 to 15,000 miles or more between oil changes in Mission, TX (check manufacturer’s recommendations).

At one time, we’d see cars coming in for an oil change in Mission, TX that were completely worn out at 130,000 miles. Today, it’s not at all unusual to see well-maintained cars with well over 200,000 miles on them and are still running strong. That’s partly due to improved manufacturing, design and machining in newer-model engines, but it also has everything to do with a schedule of regular oil changes in Mission, TX.

Think of oil changes as insurance to keep your car running for a long, long time...and give us a call at Pueblo Tires & Service for an oil change in Mission, TX.

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