Pueblo Tires Gets Community Focused

KGBT 98.5 FM Helps Pueblo Tires in McAllen, TX with $300 H.E.B Gift Card Giveaway

Pueblo Tires teams up with KGBT 98.5 to give away $300 H.E.B. gift card

At the end of 2015, Pueblo Tires took a large step toward community involvement.  Rather than their normal fun contests for iPads or other devices, they held a contest that focused on those in need within their immediate community.  Just before Christmas, Ben and Mike of Pueblo Tires (pictured on the far right and left), in cooperation with KGBT 98.5 FM, held a giveaway for a $300 H.E.B. gift card, dinner, various other gifts, and a piñata for a family in need.

The De Luna Ortiz family, who entered the contest at the companies McAllen location, was the lucky winner.  The Pueblo Tires team took to their Facebook page on New Years Eve to congratulate the family saying:

Familia Ganadora de los $300 dls en gift card, regalos, cena y piñata!!! Felicidades a la Familia: De Luna Ortiz en McAllen. ‪#‎SiguenosEnTodasPartes

Congratulations again to the De Luna Ortiz family.  We have enjoyed serving you and our local community and hope to continue to do so with more contests like these.  Be sure to check out our Contest Entry page often for new contests we may be running and other contest related announcements.